We can assist with all areas relating to:-
Buying / Selling.
Commercial / Residential.
Leasing / Renting for Landlord / Tenant and Business or Residential.

Costs may depend on the price of the property you are buying / selling. We are always happy to provide you with an estimate of costs.

 - Obtain information from your seller’s / buyer’s representative.
 - Check the property has good title - i.e. We make all necessary searches / enquiries.
 - Agree the terms of the contract.
 - Check any mortgage offer and deal with the requirements of your lender.
 - Report fully to you and advise on all aspects relating to the property and transaction generally.
 - When everyone is ready, and a moving date has been agreed, exchange contracts. At this stage you are committed to the transaction.
 - Make pre-completion legal arrangements and checks, and apply for any required funds from you / your lender.

 On moving day
 - Actually complete your sale and / or purchase.
 - Pay your agents, if you are selling.
 - Forward any surplus moneys to you.

 After completion.
 - If you are buying, attend to payment of Stamp Duty Land Tax, and register your ownership and any lender’s interest at H. M. Land Registry.
 - Forward the Title Deeds to any lender for safe-keeping for the duration of your mortgage. If not required, the deeds may be forwarded to you, or you can have them lodged in our safe, without charge.

These prove ownership of a property and provide details of the class of title, current lenders, any registered rights of way, restrictions or easements which affect the property.

The Local Authority search provides information which does / could affect the property - e.g. plans for the area; whether paths / roadways near the property are adopted / maintained by the local authority; any planned new road which may affect the property; the planning history; whether the property is in a conservation area or smoke-free zone, or is a listed building.

We can, in addition, arrange mining, drainage, water, environmental and other searches such as a check for chancel repair liability, as appropriate.

Before completion, if you are buying, we will need to carry out a search at H. M. Land Registry to ensure that the property details disclosed in the Official Copy Register Entries have not changed. This will also give protective priority for us to register yours and any lender’s interests.
If you are borrowing, the lender will also require that we carry out a bankruptcy search.



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