If you do NOT make a will the rules of intestacy will dictate what happens to your assets, regardless of the needs or feelings of your family and friends.

 - You decide who gets what and when
 - You decide who will be your executors and trustees, to manage your estate; and you can appoint a guardian for your children
 - You may be able to order things to save inheritance tax.

 - Provide a professional, inexpensive, friendly and efficient service, tailored to your wishes and avoiding the problems, and consequent cost, of ‘home-made’wills
 - Visiting you at your home, work-place or hospital
 - Storing your will (and deeds) in our safe, free of charge.

The court’s authority to administer an estate, as per the terms of a will.

 - Checking the validity and terms of the will
 - Getting date of death values for assets and liabilities, and registering the death
 - Preparing accounts for the Revenue (and calculating the tax due, if appropriate).

 - Completing the application to the court
 - Registering the grant of probate with all institutions
 - Getting in the assets (by sale or transfer) and settling all liabilities
 - Distributing the estate to beneficiaries, and preparing a final ‘estate account’
Being an executor can be time-consuming and complex. We can relieve the burden by undertaking as much, or as little, of the process as you want



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